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UUAC Administration


Brian F. Codding

Professor, Anthropology

(Ph.D. Stanford U; Professor). Human behavioral ecology, foraging economies, anthropogenic fire, gender division of labor, ethnoarchaeology, ethno-ecology, data analysis, GIS; Australia & North America

Assistant Director


Ishmael Medina

Graduate Assistant, Anthropology

Dissemination of ancient maize and traditional agricultural practices; Great Basin and Southwest Areas; Archaeology; Ecology.  


Core Faculty

Joan Brenner-Coltrain

Adj. Associate Professor

(Ph.D. University of Utah). Archaeological method and theory, stable isotope chemistry, Great Basin, eastern Arctic.
(Ph.D. U Washington 1995; Prof). Zooarchaeology, evolutionary ecology, human paleoecology, North American Prehistory (especially California and the Great Basin)

J. Tyler Faith

Associate Professor

(Ph.D. George Washington U, 2011; Assoc. Prof.). Quaternary paleoecology, vertebrate paleontology, zooarchaeology, paleoanthropology, modern human origins, extinctions, Africa

Alexandra Greenwald

Assistant Professor


(Ph.D. UC Davis, 2017; Assist. Prof.). North American prehistoric archaeology and ethnography, human behavioral ecology, biological anthropology, and bioarchaeology.
(Ph.D. University of Washington 2014; Assoc. Prof.) North American pre-history; Arid West; Quaternary paleoecology; Archaeobotany; Palynology, Starch grain analysis

Duncan Metcalfe

Associate Professor Emeritus

(Ph.D. U Utah 1987; Assoc. Prof Emeritus). Archaeological method and theory, evolutionary ecology; western North America

James F. O'Connell

Distinguished Professor Emeritus

(Ph.D. UC Berkeley 1971; Dist. Prof Emeritus). Hunter-gatherer ecology, archaeological method and theory; Australia, Africa, North America 

Richard R. Paine

Associate Professor

(Ph.D. Pennsylvania State U 1992; Assoc. Prof). Archaeology, prehistoric demography, complex societies, human/land relationships; Mesoamerica, Europe


Affiliated Researchers

Adrian Bell

Associate Professor
Cultural Anthropology


(Ph.D. UC Davis, 2011; Assoc. Prof). Human ecology, evolutionary game theory and social evolution, economics of small-scale societies, Oceania
(Ph.D. University of Oregon, 2002). RED Lab Director -- paleoecology, fire history, climate change.

Benjamin Davies

Postdoctoral Researcher


(Ph.D. University of Auckland, 2018). Mobility, population dynamics, and the formation of archaeological landscapes.

Tom Flanigan

Forest Archaeologist / Heritage Program Manager
US Forest Service

(Ph.D. University of Utah, 2019). Lithic conveyance. Great Basin, Plains, Alaska, Siberia, Mongolia, NE Asia, Egypt, and Sudan.

Shannon Boomgarden

Director, Range Creek Field Station


Kristen Hawkes

Evolutionary Ecology
Distinguished Professor

(Ph.D. U Washington 1976; Dist. Prof). Human evolution, behavioral ecology, sociobiology, hunter-gatherers

Kate Magargal

Kate Magargal

Assistant Professor
University of Utah Honors College

(Ph.D. University of Utah, 2019). Native land tenure, traditional knowledge, archaeology and ethnography of the western US, anthropogenic fire, ecological disturbance regimes, energy transitions, quantitative modelling, experiential learning.

Mitchell J. Power

Associate Professor


(Ph.D. University of Oregon). Curator of the Garrett Herbarium (Utah Museum of Natural History), and Power Paleoecology Lab Director -- vegetation history, historical biogeography, fire, paleoecology and paleoclimatology

Alan R. Rogers

Professor Emeritus
Population Genetics

(Ph.D. U New Mexico 1982; Prof). Population genetics, evolutionary ecology

Jerry D. Spangler

Executive Director

Colorado Plataeu Archaeological Alliance

Archaeological research and public outreach with the expressed purpose of furthering the protection and preservation of cultural resources of the Colorado Plateau.

D. Craig Young

Far Western Anthropological Research Group Inc., Great Basin Branch.

Principle, Director of cultural resources consulting and research. Environmental influences and geomorphological processes affecting archaeological site formation and, ultimately, people’s interaction with a changing landscape.

Kurt Wilson

Kurt Wilson

Postdoctoral Researcher

(Ph.D. University of Utah, 2022). 


Simon Brewer

Associate Professor

(Ph.D. U d' Aix-Marseille I 2002; Associate Prof). changes in past climate and environments; terrestrial ecosystem response. 


Weston McCool

Postdoctoral Researcher

(Ph.D. U of California  2020; Post-doc). Human ecology; behaiors; dynamic relationships; population growth; inequality; violent conflict. 

Shane Macfarlan

Shane Macfalan

Associate Professor
Cultural Anthropology


(Ph.D. Washington State U 2010; Assist. Prof). Evolutionary Anthropology; Social psychology; Political Economy; Political and Behavioral Ecology; Inequality; Ritual Society and Labor Exchange; Ethno-History

Gregory Burns

Adjunct Asst Professor Anthropology


Adj. Asst. Prof. (Ph.D. University of California, Davis 2019). California, Great Basin, and Southwest culture areas. Stable isotopes, XRF, and other archaeometric and traditional methods to explore the role of trade as an adaption to environmental and cultural factors. The role of violence and intergroup conflict in ethnogenesis.

Kasey Cole

Kasey Cole

Postdoctoral Fellow with the Science Research Initiative in the College of Science

(Ph.D. University of Utah, 2023) Zooarchaeology of Western North America. Archaeology, ethnography, paleoclimate. 


Graduate Students


Undergraduate Students

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